Denver Shoulder - Shoulder Dislocation History

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Daniel's Shoulder Instability Surgery

Daniel had a long history of having his shoulder dislocate which limited the activities he was able to participate in.  He wanted to get back into weight-lifting but when he described his shoulder he said "if somebody breathed on it the wrong way" it would dislocate. 

Dr. Ben Sears felt that in order to repair Daniel's shoulder he would get the best outcome if a Latarjet procedure was done. Daniel's history of dislocations resulted in a loss of bone from the front of the glenoid (cup-like surface) of the shoulder.  A Latarjet procedure involves moving the coracoid process and the muscles attached to it from the scapula and transferring it to the front part of the glenoid where the bone loss has occurred.  The coracoid bone creates more glenoid surface and the attached muscles provide extra support.

Daniel was diligent with his post-operative rehabilitation and has been able to return to high demand activities.  He feels that the picture shows best how things turned out: