Denver Shoulder - Arm Fracture and Shoulder Dislocation

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Karen's Story - Arm Fracture & Shoulder Dislocation

Karen was running to answer the phone when she fell onto her outstretched arm. She fractured (broke) her upper arm and dislocated her shoulder.

This x-ray was taken before surgery and shows the fractures of the humeral head (ball of the shoulder joint), as well as the displacement of the ball out of the joint space.

The following x-ray was taken 2 1/2 years after Karen's surgery. The fractures have
healed and she hasn't had any other shoulder dislocation problems.

The following pictures show Karen's arm range of motion 2 1/2 years after her injury.


Karen's Talks About Her Surgery

Dr. Hatzidakis at International Shoulder Course

Dr. Hatzidakis was invited to the 2014 Shoulder Course in Nice, France to discuss proximal shoulder fracture surgical techniques and outcomes. Go to >>>Nice Shoulder Course to watch a video of the presentation.


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