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Throwing a ball, hugging a child, or reaching for another piece of your grandmother's famous chocolate cake.....all these movements are accomplished because of the action of our shoulders, elbows and hands.

The shoulder is one of the most complex and functional joints in the body. The motion at the shoulder is more than that of any other joint, allowing for the precision we achieve when positioning our arms and hands. Imagine trying to reach behind your back with your foot....some people can do it but it takes a long time to gain the flexibility at the hip, knee and ankle to achieve this movement. But because the shoulder allows for so much motion, it is susceptible to acute injuries such as a fracture (or break), dislocation, ligament and tendon injury, or degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis as a result of chronic (long-term) injuries.

The elbow lets us precisely position our hand in space. The structure of the elbow joint is very stable, and as a result, the elbow is less prone to injury than the shoulder. However, the elbow is at risk for acute injuries such as dislocation or fracture, as well as degenerative changes that can make motion limited and painful.

If not treated appropriately, injuries or degenerative conditions of the shoulder or elbow can lead to less ability to do the activities we love and impact our routine daily activities. Our board-certified orthopaedic surgeons have dedicated their practice to this specialty field of study. With their commitment to continued education through attending courses, lecturing, writing, and actively learning the newest procedures and techniques, the clinicians with Denver Shoulder are the most highly trained in the area.

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